October 26, 2015

Vehicle Weapons Storage Solutions

Vehicle weapons Storage Solutions

  • Sedans (In-Trunk Cabinet Systems for Interceptor Sedan, Crown Vic, Impala, Charger)
    • floor mounted cabinet system fits on the lower floor in the vehicle’s trunk. This storage system may include dividers and foam.
    • hanging weapons drawer unit mounts to the top of the vehicle’s trunk by the use of mounting brackets. This storage system may include dividers and foam.
    • aluminum support bracket runs across cabinet to give extra support and to avoid buckling of cabinet.
    • Sedan trunk systems keep equipment safe and organized.
  • SWAT Tactical Truck Weapons Storage (Weapons Arsenals & Weapons Lockers)
    • weapon racks mount to the walls of a tactical vehicle. This solution stores multiple weapons without using any floor space of the vehicle.
    • weapons cabinet systems mount to the wall of the tactical truck which can also include shelves to store needed gear.
    • gun cabinet storage bins mount to the wall of the tactical vehicle where smaller gear can be stored.
  • SUV (Cabinet Systems with weapons drawers for Tahoe, Suburban, Durango, Expedition, Explorer)
    • Cabinet systems that combine weapons locker systems and command board systems.
    • system can include file drawers, storage drawers, open compartments, space for SCBA brackets and command boards.
    • weapons locker typically comes with combo lock and key override, dividers, foam reinforced aluminum bar and spring handles or compression latches.
    • types of command board offered are standard, easel ratchet or tilt up, drop down and verticle.
  • Police Interceptor Weapons Lockers (Cabinet systems for Interceptor SUV with and without access to spare tire)
    • single drawer weapons locker unit. Cabinet mounts to floor of cargo area. No spare tire access. Mounting platform is required with this cabinet system.
    • elevated weapons locker unit that sits about 13″ high. Cabinet sits on 13″ high custom brackets which are mounted to floor of cargo. Allows access to spare tire through space under cabinet unit.
    • T-Style weapons locker unit. Unit comes with a weapons storage drawer and two storage drawers.
    • weapons storage lockers typically come with combo lock and get be upgraded to key override. It also comes with either compression latches (locking or non-locking) or spring handles.
  •  Pickup Truck  (Cabinet Systems for pick up trucks such as Chevy Silverado, Ford, F-150- 550, Toyota Tacoma Dodge Ram)
    • single or double drawer weapons locker units that are mounted to the bed of a pick up truck.
    • can be one full width drawer with several dividers and foam.
    • can be two separate drawer unit side by side with dividers and foam.
    • additional storage drawers or command boards can be built on top of weapons locker drawer.