Vehicle weapons lockers

Vehicle weapons lockers

Gun Drawers & Weapon Safes For Cars and Trunks

Save Space While Securing Weapons

Weapons storage lockers and gun safes can be mounted either on the trunk floor hang from the top which allows access to the spare tire.   A nice feature of placing the weapons cabinet systems at the top of the trunk is that it leaves space on the floor of the vehicle’s trunk, which enables you to store other gear and necessary items on the floor of the trunk. The weapons locker is secured by a push button combo lock which is also offered with a key override, a remote control entry or a hidden switch to access the box. A divider system is a good way to separate your weapons  and keep them organized. You may want to use gun foam to keep your weapons from sliding during transit. You could also cut out and secure storage for added ammo, magazines, grenades, and so on. If the need arises, a command board could be added under the weapons locker and then you have a command center. Access to the spare tire would be eliminated by this option.

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Another way to safely store your weapons is a box that mounts to the floor of the trunk. The box would have to be removed if you wanted to access your spare tire. This box is accessed by a lift up top and still can have a divider system to separate your weapons. This unit has a compression latch which could be upgraded to a keyed locking latch.

Weapon storage lockers and gun safes for the trunk of your vehicle can be accessed easily by:

  • by a remote control
  • by a hidden switch
  • by a master lock.

Weapons storage lockers as well as gun safes provide sufficient space in your trunk:

Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers