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Sports Weapons Lockers for Hunting and Outdoorsman

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Deer Hunting:

Police weapons storage lockers ( gear Cabbies)
Police weapons storage lockers with extra storage

Here are some facts that might be very interesting to the avid deer hunter:

  • the number of deer is more prevalent now than ever before
  • the number of deer hunters is fewer now than about two decades ago
  • the technology being used for deer hunting is extremely advanced
  • the deer hunter spends a lot money on anything related to the sport, averaging about $2,500.00 per year.

Despite the growing number of deer in the US and the decreasing number of hunters hunting them, the business part of hunting has grown exponentially in every facet of the sport. From weapons, to chemical aids, to weapons storage systems, hunters want the best of the best.


Duck Hunting:

Here are some tips on opening day duck hunting:

  1. Find the right spot. The best thing to do is scout the land and waters the day before opening to see where the ducks are feeding
  2. Target early migrant birds. Be ready to get the blue-wing and green-wing teal birds and other early birds that migrate before the rest
  3. Avoid crowded spots. Try to seek a place that is not the most popular to avoid competing with other hunters
  4. .Include a stash of extras. You never know when you might need more of something you have or something you have not planned for. Some extras to keep close by your spot: first aid kit, duct tape,  spare batteries, basic tools, resealable plastic bags, gun oil, matches and toilet paper
  5. Practice shooting before the big day. Many hunters put their guns away for the off season. Since shooting is an athletic activity honing your skills would be nothing short of advantageous
  6. Keep your Pooch ready. Just as you need to be in shape and ready for the season, so does your dog. Keep him exercised regularly during the summer so he can step right into the hunting season
  7. Take Cover. The more camouflage you have the better your chances of getting your target. When you think you have enough cover, use more
  8. Timing is everything. You may need to consider getting to a hot spot before everyone else does. This might mean camping out the night before. Staying late might also be an option. Once all the rest have called it quits for the day, this may be time well worth spent.

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Waterfowl Hunting

Here are some new guns out for 2015 hunting:

  1. Remington V3 Autoloader. A few improvements to this gun has made maintenance much simpler as well as improving balance and handling.
  2. Browning  Micro Midas 20. Browning put out a new shot gun for a small framed shooters. The Cynergy Micro Midas 20 offers the same high quality features as other Cynergy models and weighs a little over 6 pounds.
  3. Benelli 828U Over/Under.
  4. Beretta A400 Xtreme.
  5. Weatherby Orion Over/Under.
  6. Syrien XLR5 Over/Under for Women. Light weight and a tailored stock to fit women.


Competitive Shooting/Hunting

Shotgun Storage Systems for Vehicles:

Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers

One of the most important things to hunters/shooters is keeping their shotguns safe and secure. There are many systems and styles out on the market that you should explore all options. There are systems that look like safe boxes and some cabinet systems that look like a piece of furniture in your house. The safe-like boxes might be able to fit you in your vehicle but may not be very convenient. The cabinet systems that look like a piece of furniture are not very mobile. We all know that Search Engine Professionals shotguns need to be safe and secure in the vehicle and also needs to be convenient. Another system that hunters/shooters can choose is a cabinet drawer system that is mounted in the rear of their vehicle. These storage systems are made of high quality plywood, ball bearing drawer slides, high grade HDP face plates and include a sturdy combo lock with key override. One of these systems would give any hunter/shooter peace of mind when their weapon is not in use.

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