Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers

Law enforcement & police weapons storage lockers are a good way of storing any and all guns and ammunition. These weapons lockers can be used in all types of vehicles but the general size of the box will depend on what specific vehicle it will be going in as well as the particular weapon that will be going in it. Police weapons storage lockers are used for many purposes like storing weapons and gear.

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Vehicle Weapons Storage

Emergency vehicle weapons storage systems can range anywhere from the simplest single drawer unit with a combo lock to a drawer unit with extra locking systems, gun foam cut out to fit exact dimensions of the weapons, lighting options and custom dividers. Primarily used for weapons storage and security, some manufacturers of quality emergency vehicle weapons storage solutions use high grade plywood for the drawer stocks and self-healing PVC bumpers for the molding and locking compression latches and programmable combo deadbolts for weapons security. Other high quality emergency vehicle weapons lockers are fabricated using an aluminum welded tray with full extension stainless steel slides with an unbreakable HDP face, locking compression latches and push button combo locks.

Vehicle Cabinets Systems

Vehicle Cabinets Systems
A weapon rack is another option when storing police or SWAT weapons. These systems are fabricated out of aluminum and can store multiple weapons in one unit. The weapons are secured by strapping them into a slot and then closing a secure locking door. The rack can be installed in the cab of a pick up truck or on the wall of a tactical van.

Many systems offer various options like:

  • File drawers
  • Command Boards
    • standard plexi glass command board
    • standard dry erase whiteboard command board
    • standard magnetic whiteboard command board
    • tilt command board
    • easel ratchet command board
    • lift up piston command board
  • Lighting for night operations
    • LED lighting
    • Beacons
    • Scene Lighting
    • Lightbars
    • Traffic Lighting
    • Strobe Lights
    • Flashers
    • In Cabinet Lighting
    • Rope Lighting
  • Computer docking stations
    • On-Dash Mounts
    • Monitor/Tablet Mounts
    • Keyboard Mounts
    • Combination Table/Keyboard Mounts
    • Laptop Trays
    • Simple Motion Mounts
    • Twin-Arm Systems
    • Tamper Resistant Mounts
    • Small Device Mounts
    • Special Application Mounts
    • P.I.M. Mounts

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Vehicle Weapons Lockers

  • combo lock with key override
  • gun foam to cut out for individual weapons
  • divider system
  • ball bearing drawer slides
  • aluminum support bar

Weapons lockers for vehicles

Vehicle weapons storage lockers

Vehicle Weapons Security

There are so many different options and variations of weapons security systems for vehicles that it could be become confusing as well as overwhelming to choose one. The specific mission of the vehicle and the type of vehicle which contains the weapons security system will dictate the system that is most compatible for you. There are weapons lockers with locking drawers that store rifles and automatic weapons as well as in-cab systems that are purely for easy access & self-defense. Depending what your needs are, will determine what type of security system you will want to have. With all the options and manufacturers the process can be exhausting and the decisions confusing.
Finding the right manufacturer and the right weapons security solution can be easy when you know the variables and understand your needs.

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What are the variables?

The variables boil down do who you are and what you do and how elaborate do you want to be. If your mission is to support SWAT and you drive an SUV – your weapons security system will probably need to hold many types of high powered weapons securely.

First Responder Mission or Sector

Your mission is important. Depending on if you are a Police Officer with a patrol car or an Undercover Agent for the state police your mission will dictate what type of system you will need. If you are a first responder and you need to command the situation, you may need a command board option in addition to a weapons locker unit.

Your Vehicle Type

The space in your vehicle will guide you in determining what type of system you will need. If you have a Patrol car and you only need a Weapons lock for your shotgun in your cab – that will be a system that will have to work with your emergency radio console. If you happen to drive an SUV you will have a larger cabinet system in the back of your vehicle.

Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Weapons Storage for vehicles
Weapons Storage for vehicles
Weapon storage lockers and gun safes for the trunk
Weapon storage lockers and gun safes for the trunk
Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers


Sportsman Weapons Lockers
Sportsman Weapons Lockers