K9 transports for SUV and Sedans

K9 Cabinet Systems

K9 Transport Units We can upfit your police vehicle or convert it to accommodate your police K9. Vehicle K9 inserts are available for many vehicle types including sedans but are currently not as common as SUVs.  Police and security dogs are used in many aspects of security these days. Certain sectors of law enforcement are Read more about K9 Cabinet Systems[…]

Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers Law enforcement & police weapons storage lockers are a good way of storing any and all guns and ammunition. These weapons lockers can be used in all types of vehicles but the general size of the box will depend on what specific vehicle it will be going in as well as Read more about Police weapons storage lockers[…]

Vehicle weapons storage lockers

Weapons lockers for vehicles

Vehicle Weapons Security There are so many different options and variations of weapons security systems for vehicles that it could be become confusing as well as overwhelming to choose one. The specific mission of the vehicle and the type of vehicle which contains the weapons security system will dictate the system that is most compatible Read more about Weapons lockers for vehicles[…]

Police vehicle console

Police vehicle consoles

Police vehicle consoles Center consoles, or as some refer to them front consoles, are consoles that house communications and electronics and are usually installed between the two front seats after the vehicle has been delivered. Law enforcement consoles are typically used to provide access to lights and siren controls among other equipment. Police and all law enforcement Read more about Police vehicle consoles[…]

Police cabinet systems

Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement Law Enforcement uses several types of vehicles to fulfill their missions and the cabinet systems that they choose often corresponds directly with the vehicle and mission. Many times police will patrol in sedans which can be marked or unmarked. These mostly have several cabinet systems in the vehicle. Law Enforcement Read more about Police cabinet systems[…]

police sedan drawer cabinet systems

Drawer units

Emergency Vehicle Drawer Units Drawer units can be constructed and installed in SUVs, Sedans or pick up trucks but they are typically seen in the trunks of emergency vehicle sedans. Dodge Charger Pursuit Dodge Charger Pursuit’s body style is changing for 2015. The scalloped body sides will be replaced with a cleaner, chiseled, more sleek Read more about Drawer units[…]

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Command cabinets by vehicle

The type of Command Cabinet or cabinet system you require is dictated by the mission and your vehicle type. Police and Law Enforcement Police and Law enforcement use a variety vehicles depending on the mission. Many times the equipment is a the same but depending on the vehicle type and mission you will have to Read more about Command cabinets by vehicle[…]

Emergency Responder Cabinet Systems

What is a command cabinet?

Mission based command cabinets A command cabinet is a vehicle cabinet system that is designed to hold equipment and materials specific to any given mission. Each mission has its specific needs and the command cabinet is designed to meet those needs of the mission.  Primarily, command cabinets are used for emergency services but can be customized for Read more about What is a command cabinet?[…]