K9 Cabinet Systems

K9 transports for SUV and Sedans

K9 Transport Units

We can upfit your police vehicle or convert it to accommodate your police K9. Vehicle K9 inserts are available for many vehicle types including sedans but are currently not as common as SUVs.  Police and security dogs are used in many aspects of security these days.

Certain sectors of law enforcement are more prone to use police dogs such as narcotics teams and bobm detection.  These dogs are trained to sniff out all kinds of drugs and lead their master to them for confiscation.  Search and rescue missions also use specially trained canines to smell the scent of a victim clothing and to go find him in area that he is suspected to be in. Most masters form a very strong unique bond with his dog. In most cases, the master will take the dog home with him and the dog will live in a dog house in his yard. In some cases, the dog will be allowed to stay in the actual house of his master and family forming a tight relationship. When the dogs are on duty and are being transported to a job, they need a transport system that will keep them in a safe and clean environment. These system can be customized to fit into almost any vehicle but SUV’s are the most commonly used.


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K9 Cabinet Systems overview

canine transports for SUV and Sedans
Canine transports for SUV and Sedans

Transporting your Police dog requires a specialized k9 cabinet system.  Many of the these kennels are pre-build and purchased from manufactures and then installed into vehicles.  These are built for Law Enforcement and their canine partners to travel from precinct to indecent and around. These units are built with the dogs  have safety and comfort in mind as well as  visibility becuase in the back of and SUV space as a commodity. Many K9 transports for SUVs and Sedans are custom built but use inserts and have very large  side openings for K9 ( police dogs). They also have larger entry and exit as well as for easier access to allow the handeler to clean the transport insert.  K9 Transport vehicles used by almost every police department un the united states.

Vehicle upfitters use pre-made k9 inserts and door panels when building your vehicle transport for your k9 officer.  They also use pre-made window guards and often recoomend heat alert systems help ensure that the police dog is safe during travel and when in parked law enforcement vehicles.

Buying a Vehicle for your police dog

….or military dog, Professional K-9 training dog or sportsman hunting dogs.
The type of vehicle you use is up to you. It can be an SUV like a Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango or even a Police Interceptor or it can be a Sedan. Whatever you decide to use for your vehcile you should know that it is very important thay you keep your dogs safty in mind.

A cops canine partner , commonly described in North America as a “K-9”, is a typical dog that is trained and educated to aid Law Enforcement Professionals as well as different security employees in their jobs. The tasks these animals are used for range from looking for explosives like dynamite or some kinds of medications.  They also can aid in looking for hidden persons . They can also be used to safeguarding their partners, trainers and other authorities.  Law Enforcement K9s often go home with their handlers and eventually can become pets after their service years are over.

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Some K9 Transport Accessories for vehicle cabinet systems:

  • Spill-Proof Water Dish: A water dish can spill and having and accessory to avoid this is a great accessory to any K9 transport system. These dishes are commonly constructed of aluminum with over a gallon of water capacity and typically come with a bracket to mount it. The water dish comes with drain plug to remove excess water and the dish can slid off mounting bracket for easy use and cleaning.
  • Removable Divider: You can also convert your existing K9 transportation platform into a dual canine transport system with a removable divider. Some systems has a divider and this divider is removable and adjustable
  • Remote Door Opening System: Many times officers need to allow the dogs to get out of the car but they are not next to the car to open the door for them.  There are remote door opening systems which allows the Police Officer or security professional to unlock, open and release the K-9 with a remote transmitter. Most of the time the officer is outside of the patrol vehicle and need some assistance, his K-9 partner is a push of a button away.
  • Temperature Monitor/Alert System: Protect your buddy because he protects you. Temperatures for an average size Law Enforcement canine partner is 103 to 107 degrees for about 4-5 minutes. So it can happen quickly while the dog is locked in the vehicle. This needs to be addressed and the monitor and control system deals with this very well.  The canine partner temperature monitor systems gives you the peace of mind and will self-activate to cool your canine partner when dangerous temperatures are inside your emergency vehicle are detected.


K9 Temperature Monitor & Alert System
K9 Temperature Monitor & Alert System
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Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers

Police weapons storage lockers

Law enforcement & police weapons storage lockers are a good way of storing any and all guns and ammunition. These weapons lockers can be used in all types of vehicles but the general size of the box will depend on what specific vehicle it will be going in as well as the particular weapon that will be going in it. Police weapons storage lockers are used for many purposes like storing weapons and gear.

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Vehicle Weapons Storage

Emergency vehicle weapons storage systems can range anywhere from the simplest single drawer unit with a combo lock to a drawer unit with extra locking systems, gun foam cut out to fit exact dimensions of the weapons, lighting options and custom dividers. Primarily used for weapons storage and security, some manufacturers of quality emergency vehicle weapons storage solutions use high grade plywood for the drawer stocks and self-healing PVC bumpers for the molding and locking compression latches and programmable combo deadbolts for weapons security. Other high quality emergency vehicle weapons lockers are fabricated using an aluminum welded tray with full extension stainless steel slides with an unbreakable HDP face, locking compression latches and push button combo locks.

Vehicle Cabinets Systems

Vehicle Cabinets Systems
A weapon rack is another option when storing police or SWAT weapons. These systems are fabricated out of aluminum and can store multiple weapons in one unit. The weapons are secured by strapping them into a slot and then closing a secure locking door. The rack can be installed in the cab of a pick up truck or on the wall of a tactical van.

Many systems offer various options like:

  • File drawers
  • Command Boards
    • standard plexi glass command board
    • standard dry erase whiteboard command board
    • standard magnetic whiteboard command board
    • tilt command board
    • easel ratchet command board
    • lift up piston command board
  • Lighting for night operations
    • LED lighting
    • Beacons
    • Scene Lighting
    • Lightbars
    • Traffic Lighting
    • Strobe Lights
    • Flashers
    • In Cabinet Lighting
    • Rope Lighting
  • Computer docking stations
    • On-Dash Mounts
    • Monitor/Tablet Mounts
    • Keyboard Mounts
    • Combination Table/Keyboard Mounts
    • Laptop Trays
    • Simple Motion Mounts
    • Twin-Arm Systems
    • Tamper Resistant Mounts
    • Small Device Mounts
    • Special Application Mounts
    • P.I.M. Mounts

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Vehicle Weapons Lockers

  • combo lock with key override
  • gun foam to cut out for individual weapons
  • divider system
  • ball bearing drawer slides
  • aluminum support bar

Weapons lockers for vehicles

Vehicle weapons storage lockers

Vehicle Weapons Security

There are so many different options and variations of weapons security systems for vehicles that it could be become confusing as well as overwhelming to choose one. The specific mission of the vehicle and the type of vehicle which contains the weapons security system will dictate the system that is most compatible for you. There are weapons lockers with locking drawers that store rifles and automatic weapons as well as in-cab systems that are purely for easy access & self-defense. Depending what your needs are, will determine what type of security system you will want to have. With all the options and manufacturers the process can be exhausting and the decisions confusing.
Finding the right manufacturer and the right weapons security solution can be easy when you know the variables and understand your needs.

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What are the variables?

The variables boil down do who you are and what you do and how elaborate do you want to be. If your mission is to support SWAT and you drive an SUV – your weapons security system will probably need to hold many types of high powered weapons securely.

First Responder Mission or Sector

Your mission is important. Depending on if you are a Police Officer with a patrol car or an Undercover Agent for the state police your mission will dictate what type of system you will need. If you are a first responder and you need to command the situation, you may need a command board option in addition to a weapons locker unit.

Your Vehicle Type

The space in your vehicle will guide you in determining what type of system you will need. If you have a Patrol car and you only need a Weapons lock for your shotgun in your cab – that will be a system that will have to work with your emergency radio console. If you happen to drive an SUV you will have a larger cabinet system in the back of your vehicle.

Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Weapons Storage for vehicles
Weapons Storage for vehicles
Weapon storage lockers and gun safes for the trunk
Weapon storage lockers and gun safes for the trunk
Vehicle weapons storage lockers
Vehicle weapons storage lockers


Sportsman Weapons Lockers
Sportsman Weapons Lockers

Police vehicle consoles

Police vehicle console

Police vehicle consoles

Center consoles, or as some refer to them front consoles, are consoles that house communications and electronics and are usually installed between the two front seats after the vehicle has been delivered. Law enforcement consoles are typically used to provide access to lights and siren controls among other equipment. Police and all law enforcement console systems are built to sustain a sometimes very harsh terrain. Many times they come with docking stations and computer mounts for the police to have the ability to access other branches of emergency services. The mounts needs to be separate from the other controls on the console as well as steering clear of any airbag systems. It must also be able to withstand a very bumpy ride or any harsh treatment that a police officer might give it. The top side of the monitor should be even with the bottom side of the windshield for the best view and to avoid the officer from having take his eyes off the road by looking down.

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Police vehicle consoles come in either standard gray laminate and gray carpet or a custom finish such as a leather-like material to have the effect of an OEM factory console. Custom exteriors can be made upon request.

Vehicles that many manufactures offer consoles for:

Each console system comes in standard sizes but some manufactures can custom build consoles based on your departments requirements.

Custom and Standard police vehicle consoles

  • Dodge Charger Consoles
  • Crown Victoria Consoles
  • Chevrolet Impala police package
  • Interceptor Sedan Consoles
  • Interceptor SUV Utility Consoles
  • Chevy Tahoe Consoles
  • Dodge Durango Console
  • Dodge Ram 1500 Special Services Police Truck
  • Ford F250 console packages
  • Ford Explorer console packages
  • Ford Expedition console packages

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Police Car Consoles Accessories

  • Mic Clip Bracket
  • Mic Clip
  • Side Mount Arm Rest
  • Computer docking station
  • Mapbook Pocket
  • Dual Cup holder
  • Gun Racks
  • 12 volt outlets
  • USB outlets

Police cabinet systems

Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement uses several types of vehicles to fulfill their missions and the cabinet systems that they choose often corresponds directly with the vehicle and mission. Many times police will patrol in sedans which can be marked or unmarked. These mostly have several cabinet systems in the vehicle.

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

  • In Cab Consoles: In cab consoles hold radio and communication equipment and computers for Law Enforcement
  • Overhead Consoles: Overhead consoles are place in the center of the cab directly over the right shoulder of the driver and can hold lights, sirens switches as well as radios and speakers to allow Police and Law Enforcement professionals to keeps their heads up while driving.
  • Drawer Systems / Units: These systems can go in any vehicle and are probably the most common system sold. The drawer units can be full width and full depth depending on the application of the police dept using it. Many PD will only get a  24″ deep drawer unit in order to keep the access to the spare tire that is located in the well of the rear cargo area. Drawer units also come in a double drawer variation. This unit has two separate drawers side by side or one on top of the other. If the drawers are on top of each other, there will be about half the width of the cargo area open for extra storage space.
  • Command Cabinets: A command cabinets is a very convenient way of getting many options in one cabinet. These systems include a command board, whether it is a whiteboard or plexiglass, which makes running a command operation much easier. There is plenty of storage space whether it is a drawer or a compartment with a door on it. A command cabinet usually comes with a radio panel to house the electronics that are often necessary.
  • Pull-out Cabinet Systems: Pull-out aluminum bed systems are a great option especially for a pick up truck. This option gives easy access to the rear of a cabinet as well as much needed space on the aluminum tray behind the cabinet. These aluminum pull-out trays usually have 90-100% extension which leaves a lot of room behind the cabinet especially if it is an 8 ft bed. The most common cabinet put on a pull-out tray is a 24″ deep command cabinet or fire cabinet.

Drawer units

police sedan drawer cabinet systems

Emergency Vehicle Drawer Units

Drawer units can be constructed and installed in SUVs, Sedans or pick up trucks but they are typically seen in the trunks of emergency vehicle sedans.

police sedan drawer cabinet systems
police sedan drawers & cabinet systems

Dodge Charger Pursuit

Dodge Charger Pursuit’s body style is changing for 2015. The scalloped body sides will be replaced with a cleaner, chiseled, more sleek appearance. The new Charger will be mobile command friendly. Some of the new features will be a vehicle systems interface module and redesign of the front seats to accommodate a police officer’s belt mounted gear. The Charger’s column-shifter is a big advantage when more space is needed on the center console. This new location will free up space to mount more controls and radios on the center console.

Another cool feature of the pursuit is touchscreen monitor on the dash. This helps keep the driver’s eyes from roaming and more focused on the road. It also helps keeps the space in front of the driver and passenger free from obstruction making mobility easier.  A spacious trunk equipped with a one touch, slow rising trunklid is also a key feature of the Dodge Charger. The trunk also comes with lighting in three different locations which will help with finding equipment in the night. There are hooks at either side of the trunk that can hold up a substantial amount of weight.

Since the spare tire takes up much of the trunk in a Dodge Charger Pursuit, a custom drawer unit would be a great solution. The drawer unit or weapons locker fits securely between the tire and the back of the trunk with easy access when the trunk is open. There is room to store up to two weapons in this cabinet depending on the weapons and how long they are and what accessories need to  be stored with them.

law enforcement Draw Units
law enforcement Draw Units


Command cabinets by vehicle

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

The type of Command Cabinet or cabinet system you require is dictated by the mission and your vehicle type.

Police and Law Enforcement

Police and Law enforcement use a variety vehicles depending on the mission. Many times the equipment is a the same but depending on the vehicle type and mission you will have to configure the cabinet systems differently.
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Sedan Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

For instance if you are a patrol officer driving a sedan you will probably need some sort of in-cab console with a computer docking station and possibly an overhead mount. You may also require a trunk system which can be for storage of emergency equipment or weapons.

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Police weapons storage lockers
Police weapons storage lockers

SUVs are used for a variety missions in Law Enforcement ranging from patrols to Investigations and K9 units. The type of cabinet system you will need will depend on your mission.

Utility & Tactical Cabinet Systems

If you are a SWAT team you needs will be different. You could possibly have up to ten guys in the vehicle so space will be a commodity. You will need a weapons locker and probably storage for battering rams and other equipment. You will also need a in-cab cabinet for radio and communication.

Fire and Rescue

A typical cabinet for a fire fighter is one that has a designated area for turn out gear and a SCBA bracket. A storage drawer and an open compartment would be a good option to store any additional items that need to be close by.

Cabinet Systems for Fire Chief

A fire chief probably would want to have a command board in his cabinet in addition to a SCBA bracket and space for turn out gear. Options such as a command board, map drawers and file drawers would make a command post easier to command.

Emergency Medical and Paramedic



SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Sportsman and Outdoor

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Commercial and Industrial

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

What is a command cabinet?

Emergency Responder Cabinet Systems

Mission based command cabinets

A command cabinet is a vehicle cabinet system that is designed to hold equipment and materials specific to any given mission. Each mission has its specific needs and the command cabinet is designed to meet those needs of the mission.  Primarily, command cabinets are used for emergency services but can be customized for industrial uses.

Custom Command Cabinets

Command cabinets need to fulfill the mission in which they are designed for and therefore it is important to speak with a specialist.

Police weapons storage lockers
Police weapons storage lockers ( Storage Drawer)

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Emergency Services Command Cabinets

Emergency services can be Law Enforcement and Security Personnel and First Responders like Fire & Rescue, EMS and Paramedics.
Fire command cabinets can contain command boards and multiple radios to coordinate emergency operations as well as contain compartments for gear storage and emergency equipment. The command board can be either plexi glass or whiteboard depending on the preference of the commander and practice of the fire dept. If the fire dept has a command map they use, a plexi glass command board is a good option. The map fits under the glass and the commander can write on the plexi and erase and write again. If there is not standard fire map, a whiteboard command board is the way to go. This option allows the commander to write his own set of directives over and over again. Space for a SCBA bracket is also something you would see in a fire command cabinet.
Law Enforcement and Police/SWAT command cabinets typically include radio communications and equipment storage, but many times they also contain a weapons locker. Weapons lockers are secured combo locking drawers where law enforcement officers can store their weapons during transit and until they need them.

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Command Cabinet Examples


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