Police vehicle consoles

Police vehicle console

Police vehicle consoles

Center consoles, or as some refer to them front consoles, are consoles that house communications and electronics and are usually installed between the two front seats after the vehicle has been delivered. Law enforcement consoles are typically used to provide access to lights and siren controls among other equipment. Police and all law enforcement console systems are built to sustain a sometimes very harsh terrain. Many times they come with docking stations and computer mounts for the police to have the ability to access other branches of emergency services. The mounts needs to be separate from the other controls on the console as well as steering clear of any airbag systems. It must also be able to withstand a very bumpy ride or any harsh treatment that a police officer might give it. The top side of the monitor should be even with the bottom side of the windshield for the best view and to avoid the officer from having take his eyes off the road by looking down.

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Police vehicle consoles come in either standard gray laminate and gray carpet or a custom finish such as a leather-like material to have the effect of an OEM factory console. Custom exteriors can be made upon request.

Vehicles that many manufactures offer consoles for:

Each console system comes in standard sizes but some manufactures can custom build consoles based on your departments requirements.

Custom and Standard police vehicle consoles

  • Dodge Charger Consoles
  • Crown Victoria Consoles
  • Chevrolet Impala police package
  • Interceptor Sedan Consoles
  • Interceptor SUV Utility Consoles
  • Chevy Tahoe Consoles
  • Dodge Durango Console
  • Dodge Ram 1500 Special Services Police Truck
  • Ford F250 console packages
  • Ford Explorer console packages
  • Ford Expedition console packages

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Police Car Consoles Accessories

  • Mic Clip Bracket
  • Mic Clip
  • Side Mount Arm Rest
  • Computer docking station
  • Mapbook Pocket
  • Dual Cup holder
  • Gun Racks
  • 12 volt outlets
  • USB outlets

Emergency vehicle cabinet systems

PUGS Command Cabinets

First Responder Cabinet Systems

The first responders in the emergency services community needs cabinet systems that fit each vehicle and mission specifically.  But the fact is that each sector has its own specific needs and the cabinet systems they chose are dependent on the vehicle and the mission.

Police and Law Enforcement

Police vehicle consoles
Police vehicle consoles

The law enforcement sector has so many different department with so many different missions. When a police dept wants to upfit a vehicle, a cabinet system is almost always a part of this process. The type of cabinet will depend on what tasks the dept is responsible for. For example, a police chief’s vehicle will want to have a command cabinet with the ability to command a post when the need arises. There should probably be plenty of space to store gear and equipment, but more importantly, there should be a command board where a chief can map out organized directions to his staff. There should also be a radio face plate for radios and electrical power sources. The face plates have room behind them to house the wires and connections and keep them out of the way.

Most chief’s vehicles will have lighting. There are different types of lighting that can be used on a chief’s vehicle. Most commonly are bar lights mounted on the top of the vehicle as well as grille lighting in the front grill of the vehicle. But a chief can go wild and put lights all over the car: interior windshield light bar, rear windshield light bar, on the fenders and the running board and on the rear view mirrors to name a few. Some of the quality emergency lighting manufacturers are Whelen, Code 3, Weldon and Federal Signal.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Special Services Vehicle

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Special Services Vehicle

Fire Trucks and Apparatus

fire vehicles and Emergency services cabinet systems
fire vehicles and Emergency services cabinet systems

Fire trucks and apparatus are highly customized vehicles which includes various missions and duties. These duties can include firefighting, oil spills, vehicle extrication, car accidents, search and rescue missions and medical emergencies. Firefighters, as well as all emergency service workers, need to be prepared for any emergency expected or unexpected.

A fire chief’s vehicle will most likely be the central command post of any fire situation. The best option for this vehicle would be cabinet with a command board and plenty of space for required equipment and gear.

Fire and Apparatus Cabinet Systems
Fire and Apparatus Cabinet Systems


Fire and Rescue

Emergency Medical Services / EMS and ALS