Side Door Cabinet Systems

Side door cabinet systems

Side Door Cabinet systems are intended to make accessing gear and equipment much more convenient. They are designed to fit either behind the driver’s seat or behind the passenger’s seat. Either side is access by the back row door. The most common side door cabinet is built in two parts for easy installation. The bottom fixed compartment can be used for smaller bags or gear while the top or bigger section can store larger equipment. The top part of the side door cabinet typically comes with an adjustable shelf that can be moved up or down or can be completely removed.

The side door cabinet is good for applications that need a temperature cooling unit. These cooling units can be mounted onto the cabinet or can be built right into the cabinet. Other uses for this side door cabinet is easy and quick access to fire gear, oxygen tanks and fire tools. You can put hooks on the inside of the cabinet and when you need  to get to your turn out gear and a tool or two in a hurry, a side door cabinet is more convenient than digging through a pile of stuff. A lighting package might be a good idea if you go on calls during the night and need to see what you have.

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The side door cabinet is also a good choice for a low budget solution. This cabinet does not contain the hardware and mounting platform or bracket systems that rear cargo cabinets often require. The nice thing about a side door cabinet is that you can go as simple as a two compartment cabinet or you can choose many options and make it a more elaborate system to meet your specific needs.


Side door cabinet systems

Side door cabinet systems ( Rear View )

Side door cabinet systems

Side door cabinet systems ( side View