Police cabinet systems

Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement uses several types of vehicles to fulfill their missions and the cabinet systems that they choose often corresponds directly with the vehicle and mission. Many times police will patrol in sedans which can be marked or unmarked. These mostly have several cabinet systems in the vehicle.

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

  • In Cab Consoles: In cab consoles hold radio and communication equipment and computers for Law Enforcement
  • Overhead Consoles: Overhead consoles are place in the center of the cab directly over the right shoulder of the driver and can hold lights, sirens switches as well as radios and speakers to allow Police and Law Enforcement professionals to keeps their heads up while driving.
  • Drawer Systems / Units: These systems can go in any vehicle and are probably the most common system sold. The drawer units can be full width and full depth depending on the application of the police dept using it. Many PD will only get a  24″ deep drawer unit in order to keep the access to the spare tire that is located in the well of the rear cargo area. Drawer units also come in a double drawer variation. This unit has two separate drawers side by side or one on top of the other. If the drawers are on top of each other, there will be about half the width of the cargo area open for extra storage space.
  • Command Cabinets: A command cabinets is a very convenient way of getting many options in one cabinet. These systems include a command board, whether it is a whiteboard or plexiglass, which makes running a command operation much easier. There is plenty of storage space whether it is a drawer or a compartment with a door on it. A command cabinet usually comes with a radio panel to house the electronics that are often necessary.
  • Pull-out Cabinet Systems: Pull-out aluminum bed systems are a great option especially for a pick up truck. This option gives easy access to the rear of a cabinet as well as much needed space on the aluminum tray behind the cabinet. These aluminum pull-out trays usually have 90-100% extension which leaves a lot of room behind the cabinet especially if it is an 8 ft bed. The most common cabinet put on a pull-out tray is a 24″ deep command cabinet or fire cabinet.