Drawer units

police sedan drawer cabinet systems

Emergency Vehicle Drawer Units

Drawer units can be constructed and installed in SUVs, Sedans or pick up trucks but they are typically seen in the trunks of emergency vehicle sedans.

police sedan drawer cabinet systems
police sedan drawers & cabinet systems

Dodge Charger Pursuit

Dodge Charger Pursuit’s body style is changing for 2015. The scalloped body sides will be replaced with a cleaner, chiseled, more sleek appearance. The new Charger will be mobile command friendly. Some of the new features will be a vehicle systems interface module and redesign of the front seats to accommodate a police officer’s belt mounted gear. The Charger’s column-shifter is a big advantage when more space is needed on the center console. This new location will free up space to mount more controls and radios on the center console.

Another cool feature of the pursuit is touchscreen monitor on the dash. This helps keep the driver’s eyes from roaming and more focused on the road. It also helps keeps the space in front of the driver and passenger free from obstruction making mobility easier.  A spacious trunk equipped with a one touch, slow rising trunklid is also a key feature of the Dodge Charger. The trunk also comes with lighting in three different locations which will help with finding equipment in the night. There are hooks at either side of the trunk that can hold up a substantial amount of weight.

Since the spare tire takes up much of the trunk in a Dodge Charger Pursuit, a custom drawer unit would be a great solution. The drawer unit or weapons locker fits securely between the tire and the back of the trunk with easy access when the trunk is open. There is room to store up to two weapons in this cabinet depending on the weapons and how long they are and what accessories need to  be stored with them.

law enforcement Draw Units
law enforcement Draw Units


Emergency cabinet systems

PUGS Command Cabinets

Emergency cabinet systems

In the small world of Emergency Rescue, there are many different cabinets and styles to choose from. The main purpose of all cabinets is to carry equipment in the most organized manner. There are a variety of cabinets made for specific vehicles and specific missions. The patient transport cabinet’s main purpose, however, is to carry a patient from a back woods scenario to an ambulance waiting on open road.



Emergency vehicle cabinets come in very handy when you are the first one to arrive at any scene, but especially when injured victims are involved. The cabinet you have in the back of your emergency vehicle can be the difference between life and death. The best cabinet for this situation is an EMS patient transport cabinet.

Patient Transport Cabinets include:

  • flip down back board on which the patient can be secured
  • open compartments for easy access retrieval of med bags
  • space for a portable backboard

There are many options available when purchasing a patient transport cabinet. Any one of the open storage compartments can be made into a storage drawer to keep medical bags or other equipment safe. Put a lock on the drawer and use it for narcotics or other drugs that need to be secured during transport. A temperature control unit can also be added to a compartment in the case that  medications need to be kept at a certain temperature at all times. If files need to be kept close by, a file drawer with standard file runner can be built into the cabinet.

If a slide out drawer is not needed, a door with a compression latch can be added to a compartment which can be locking or non-locking.

If the scene becomes a situation where a central command is required, a command board might be an appropriate option. From this cabinet, directives can be mapped out in an organized and efficient manner. The command board comes in either the standard plexi glass under which a standard map is placed. The commander on scene can write on the plexi over and over again as it can be erased as needed.  The other command board option is whiteboard. This allows the commander to customize directions as he deems fit and erase when finished.

Command cabinets by vehicle

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

The type of Command Cabinet or cabinet system you require is dictated by the mission and your vehicle type.

Police and Law Enforcement

Police and Law enforcement use a variety vehicles depending on the mission. Many times the equipment is a the same but depending on the vehicle type and mission you will have to configure the cabinet systems differently.
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Sedan Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

For instance if you are a patrol officer driving a sedan you will probably need some sort of in-cab console with a computer docking station and possibly an overhead mount. You may also require a trunk system which can be for storage of emergency equipment or weapons.

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Police weapons storage lockers
Police weapons storage lockers

SUVs are used for a variety missions in Law Enforcement ranging from patrols to Investigations and K9 units. The type of cabinet system you will need will depend on your mission.

Utility & Tactical Cabinet Systems

If you are a SWAT team you needs will be different. You could possibly have up to ten guys in the vehicle so space will be a commodity. You will need a weapons locker and probably storage for battering rams and other equipment. You will also need a in-cab cabinet for radio and communication.

Fire and Rescue

A typical cabinet for a fire fighter is one that has a designated area for turn out gear and a SCBA bracket. A storage drawer and an open compartment would be a good option to store any additional items that need to be close by.

Cabinet Systems for Fire Chief

A fire chief probably would want to have a command board in his cabinet in addition to a SCBA bracket and space for turn out gear. Options such as a command board, map drawers and file drawers would make a command post easier to command.

Emergency Medical and Paramedic



SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Sportsman and Outdoor

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Commercial and Industrial

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Types of command cabinets

Vehicle Cabinet Systems

There are many types of command cabinets that fulfill a specific mission for various emergency services sectors.   The most common command cabinets fall into some common categories.


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Law Enforcement and SWAT

  • Weapons Lockers Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to safely and securely transport and store law enforcement weapons.
  • Command Board Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to make command posts more organized and efficient. Containing drawers, compartments and of course a command board.
  • Parts and Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to hold small gear and equipment, such as ammunition, that will aid in a specific mission.
  • Radio Panel Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to house any and all electronics that are needed for any given situation where communications are required. The radios mount to a panel which has room behind it for any wiring necessary.

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Fires & Rescue

  • SCBA Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed with an oxygen tank or fire extinguisher in mind. A large area is of the cabinet is intended to mount a SCBA bracket.
  • Tool Board Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to hold tools that are required at specific scenes. Tool boards are pull out panels (often aluminum) where tools can be hung and easily accessed.
  • Radio Panel Command Cabinets – The cabinets are designed to mount radios and electronics as needed.
  • Emergency Medical (EMS) & Paramedic
    • Back Board Command Cabinets – These cabinets are designed to carry injured patients from a crash scene that occurs in a remote area with rough terrain. A first responder will secure the patient to the flip back board which is part of the cabinet and transport them to a waiting ambubance.
    • EMS Command Cabinets
    • Temperature Control Command Cabinets
  • Utility Sportsman and Outdoor
    • Weapons Lockers Command Cabinets
    • Work Station Command Cabinets
  • Commercial & Industrial
    • Storage Command Cabinets
    • Aluminum Command Cabinets

Vehicle cabinet systems are used in almost every profession that uses vehicles as part of their jobs. First Responders and Emergency Services are just some of the industries that use vehicle cabinet systems.

Many commercial industries and professions use cabinet systems in their vehicles such as:

Communication Companies

Tradesman and Contractors

Broadcast Companies

Event Coordinators

Food Trucks and Mobile Catering

What is a command cabinet?

Emergency Responder Cabinet Systems

Mission based command cabinets

A command cabinet is a vehicle cabinet system that is designed to hold equipment and materials specific to any given mission. Each mission has its specific needs and the command cabinet is designed to meet those needs of the mission.  Primarily, command cabinets are used for emergency services but can be customized for industrial uses.

Custom Command Cabinets

Command cabinets need to fulfill the mission in which they are designed for and therefore it is important to speak with a specialist.

Police weapons storage lockers
Police weapons storage lockers ( Storage Drawer)

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Emergency Services Command Cabinets

Emergency services can be Law Enforcement and Security Personnel and First Responders like Fire & Rescue, EMS and Paramedics.
Fire command cabinets can contain command boards and multiple radios to coordinate emergency operations as well as contain compartments for gear storage and emergency equipment. The command board can be either plexi glass or whiteboard depending on the preference of the commander and practice of the fire dept. If the fire dept has a command map they use, a plexi glass command board is a good option. The map fits under the glass and the commander can write on the plexi and erase and write again. If there is not standard fire map, a whiteboard command board is the way to go. This option allows the commander to write his own set of directives over and over again. Space for a SCBA bracket is also something you would see in a fire command cabinet.
Law Enforcement and Police/SWAT command cabinets typically include radio communications and equipment storage, but many times they also contain a weapons locker. Weapons lockers are secured combo locking drawers where law enforcement officers can store their weapons during transit and until they need them.

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Command Cabinet Examples


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