Emergency cabinet systems

Emergency cabinet systems

In the small world of Emergency Rescue, there are many different cabinets and styles to choose from. The main purpose of all cabinets is to carry equipment in the most organized manner. There are a variety of cabinets made for specific vehicles and specific missions. The patient transport cabinet’s main purpose, however, is to carry a patient from a back woods scenario to an ambulance waiting on open road.



Emergency vehicle cabinets come in very handy when you are the first one to arrive at any scene, but especially when injured victims are involved. The cabinet you have in the back of your emergency vehicle can be the difference between life and death. The best cabinet for this situation is an EMS patient transport cabinet.

Patient Transport Cabinets include:

  • flip down back board on which the patient can be secured
  • open compartments for easy access retrieval of med bags
  • space for a portable backboard

There are many options available when purchasing a patient transport cabinet. Any one of the open storage compartments can be made into a storage drawer to keep medical bags or other equipment safe. Put a lock on the drawer and use it for narcotics or other drugs that need to be secured during transport. A temperature control unit can also be added to a compartment in the case that  medications need to be kept at a certain temperature at all times. If files need to be kept close by, a file drawer with standard file runner can be built into the cabinet.

If a slide out drawer is not needed, a door with a compression latch can be added to a compartment which can be locking or non-locking.

If the scene becomes a situation where a central command is required, a command board might be an appropriate option. From this cabinet, directives can be mapped out in an organized and efficient manner. The command board comes in either the standard plexi glass under which a standard map is placed. The commander on scene can write on the plexi over and over again as it can be erased as needed.  The other command board option is whiteboard. This allows the commander to customize directions as he deems fit and erase when finished.