Drawer units

Emergency Vehicle Drawer Units

Drawer units can be constructed and installed in SUVs, Sedans or pick up trucks but they are typically seen in the trunks of emergency vehicle sedans.

police sedan drawer cabinet systems
police sedan drawers & cabinet systems

Dodge Charger Pursuit

Dodge Charger Pursuit’s body style is changing for 2015. The scalloped body sides will be replaced with a cleaner, chiseled, more sleek appearance. The new Charger will be mobile command friendly. Some of the new features will be a vehicle systems interface module and redesign of the front seats to accommodate a police officer’s belt mounted gear. The Charger’s column-shifter is a big advantage when more space is needed on the center console. This new location will free up space to mount more controls and radios on the center console.

Another cool feature of the pursuit is touchscreen monitor on the dash. This helps keep the driver’s eyes from roaming and more focused on the road. It also helps keeps the space in front of the driver and passenger free from obstruction making mobility easier.  A spacious trunk equipped with a one touch, slow rising trunklid is also a key feature of the Dodge Charger. The trunk also comes with lighting in three different locations which will help with finding equipment in the night. There are hooks at either side of the trunk that can hold up a substantial amount of weight.

Since the spare tire takes up much of the trunk in a Dodge Charger Pursuit, a custom drawer unit would be a great solution. The drawer unit or weapons locker fits securely between the tire and the back of the trunk with easy access when the trunk is open. There is room to store up to two weapons in this cabinet depending on the weapons and how long they are and what accessories need to  be stored with them.

law enforcement Draw Units
law enforcement Draw Units