Command cabinets by vehicle

The type of Command Cabinet or cabinet system you require is dictated by the mission and your vehicle type.

Police and Law Enforcement

Police and Law enforcement use a variety vehicles depending on the mission. Many times the equipment is a the same but depending on the vehicle type and mission you will have to configure the cabinet systems differently.
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Sedan Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

For instance if you are a patrol officer driving a sedan you will probably need some sort of in-cab console with a computer docking station and possibly an overhead mount. You may also require a trunk system which can be for storage of emergency equipment or weapons.

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Police weapons storage lockers
Police weapons storage lockers

SUVs are used for a variety missions in Law Enforcement ranging from patrols to Investigations and K9 units. The type of cabinet system you will need will depend on your mission.

Utility & Tactical Cabinet Systems

If you are a SWAT team you needs will be different. You could possibly have up to ten guys in the vehicle so space will be a commodity. You will need a weapons locker and probably storage for battering rams and other equipment. You will also need a in-cab cabinet for radio and communication.

Fire and Rescue

A typical cabinet for a fire fighter is one that has a designated area for turn out gear and a SCBA bracket. A storage drawer and an open compartment would be a good option to store any additional items that need to be close by.

Cabinet Systems for Fire Chief

A fire chief probably would want to have a command board in his cabinet in addition to a SCBA bracket and space for turn out gear. Options such as a command board, map drawers and file drawers would make a command post easier to command.

Emergency Medical and Paramedic



SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Sportsman and Outdoor

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement

Commercial and Industrial

SUV Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement