police sedan drawer cabinet systems

Police command consoles

Emergency Vehicle Console systems Emergency vehicle consoles are the main area of control for emergency  lights, sirens and radios.. These systems are important in fulfilling a emergency response mission to the fullest. The emergency responder need quick and easy access to this equipment.  Sirens and warning lights are critical to first responders to alert the Read more about Police command consoles[…]

Police vehicle console

Police vehicle consoles

Police vehicle consoles Center consoles, or as some refer to them front consoles, are consoles that house communications and electronics and are usually installed between the two front seats after the vehicle has been delivered. Law enforcement consoles are typically used to provide access to lights and siren controls among other equipment. Police and all law enforcement Read more about Police vehicle consoles[…]

Medical cabinet systems

Emergency medical cabinet systems Emergency medical professionals needs many things to fulfill their mission but the most important thing is access to the proper emergency gear when they need it.  The emergency services personal need to have access too all sorts of life saving equipment from stretchers to medicine. Stretchers along with patients can be Read more about Medical cabinet systems[…]

EMS Transport cabinet system

Paramedic cabinet systems

Paramedic cabinet systems EMS Transport Cabinets EMS Transport Cabinet systems are designed to transport patients from remote places with rough terrain to an awaiting ambulance on a main road. They also have the ability to store medical bags and medical equipment in the compartments made available. There are many options available to an EMS Transport Read more about Paramedic cabinet systems[…]

Fire cabinet systems

Cabinet Systems for Fire and Rescue Cabinet systems that are specific to fire and rescue operations have the typical radio and communication panels, but may very well have command boards and spots for air tanks and fire extinguishers. These are command cabinets with storage. Many fire and rescue command cabinets come standard with a command Read more about Fire cabinet systems[…]

Police cabinet systems

Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement Law Enforcement uses several types of vehicles to fulfill their missions and the cabinet systems that they choose often corresponds directly with the vehicle and mission. Many times police will patrol in sedans which can be marked or unmarked. These mostly have several cabinet systems in the vehicle. Law Enforcement Read more about Police cabinet systems[…]

PUGS Command Cabinets

Emergency vehicle cabinet systems

First Responder Cabinet Systems The first responders in the emergency services community needs cabinet systems that fit each vehicle and mission specifically.  But the fact is that each sector has its own specific needs and the cabinet systems they chose are dependent on the vehicle and the mission. Police and Law Enforcement The law enforcement Read more about Emergency vehicle cabinet systems[…]

Types of emergency cabinet systems

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems There is a vast array of cabinet systems for vehicles and they are as broad as the missions, sectors and vehicles that they serve. Many systems are used everyday by fire & rescue, law enforcement and EMS personnel all over the world. Emergency vehicles come with many purposes and service all Read more about Types of emergency cabinet systems[…]

police sedan drawer cabinet systems

Drawer units

Emergency Vehicle Drawer Units Drawer units can be constructed and installed in SUVs, Sedans or pick up trucks but they are typically seen in the trunks of emergency vehicle sedans. Dodge Charger Pursuit Dodge Charger Pursuit’s body style is changing for 2015. The scalloped body sides will be replaced with a cleaner, chiseled, more sleek Read more about Drawer units[…]

PUGS Command Cabinets

Emergency cabinet systems

Emergency cabinet systems In the small world of Emergency Rescue, there are many different cabinets and styles to choose from. The main purpose of all cabinets is to carry equipment in the most organized manner. There are a variety of cabinets made for specific vehicles and specific missions. The patient transport cabinet’s main purpose, however, Read more about Emergency cabinet systems[…]