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Command Cabinets

Command Cabinets come in as many configurations as there are missions. Fire command and control cabinets can contain whiteboards with multiple radios to coordinate emergency operations as well as compartments for gear storage and emergency equipment. Law Enforcement, Police and SWAT can also include radio communications and equipment storage but many times contain weapons lockers. Emergency Medical Services ( EMS ) and paramedic vehicle storage systems can contain the ability to have Climate Control Systems for Storage Cabinets for medications. The configuration of the cabinet system depends on your mission and your vehicle.

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Police Cabinets

Law Enforcement Cabinets systems range from in-cab console systems to computer and weapons mounts. Many sedans have trunk systems that can hold an array of items including weapons. These should be manufactured from the highest quality and most durable materials. These cabinet systems have to be made to meet the needs of modern Law Enforcement agencies. From SUV’s and sedans to Pickup Trucks and Light Duty Rescue ESU. These systems can be Command Cabinets, Weapons Lockers or Weapons Drawers or storage cabinets that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

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Fire & Rescue

Fire Command and control is fast paced and has no room for error. First responders need their equipment stowed away securely and available at a moments notice. Many first responders require SCUBA and radio equipment along with helmets and other essential equipment. Cabinet with Storage are essential. Many systems come standard with aluminum slide systems (Tool Boards), Standard Command Boards, File Drawers, Storage Drawers and Storage Compartments with Adjustable Shelfs. Electrical Storage Compartment with Cover, and a Recessed Radio Mounting Face Plate

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Medical & EMS

Emergency Medical Services have unique needs which include Storage Compartments with Adjustable Shelfs and Electrical Storage Compartments with Covers as well as Radio communications. These cabinets have the ability to have Climate Control Systems for Storage Cabinets for medications. These systems can maintains the internal temperature of the drug storage container to approximately 75º F or 23º C. When the ambient temperature drops below 59º F or 15º C the system provides controlled heating to maintain the temperature.

Buying Automotive Cabinet Systems

About Automotive Cabinetry

Emergency Cabinet Manufacturers are not all the same. Workmanship and material can vary greatly
Finding high quality emergency cabinet systems can be tricky

Manufacturing Command Cabinets, Weapons Lockers, Vehicle Consoles. Finding the right manufacturer of your Emergency Cabinet Systems is a decision that should not be made lightly. Quality cabinet systems are constructed from the finest materials and workmanship should be of the highest quality to ensure years of reliable service. Once these cabinets are in your vehicle they are difficult to repair and replace – so getting it done correctly the first time is important.
Emergency cabinets need to meet and exceed the demands of the toughest conditions. Not all cabinetry is crafted from cabinet grade plywood and covered with high pressure counter grade laminate or marine grade carpet. Make sure that all your storage compartments are finished with marine grade carpet or rubber matting. All great cabinet edges should be trimmed with self-healing PVC bumper material for added strength and durability. Drawer faces and doors should be fabricated from marine grade HDP plastic and use compression style latches. Drawers should be assembled with full extension ball bearing drawer slides, t-nuts, and a removable divider.

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Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

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